Re: Office File Status?

thx guys. might be nice to have a distinction on the project page & wiki
between out-of-the-box filetypes supported (i.e. HTML, text, GAIM, etc)
and those requiring additional modules (i.e. office docs). i may not be
the sharpest tack in the box, but it confused me. 

but anyhow, after some further experimentation it seems as if some of my
OOo files are being crawled, but some are either not or the results are
not being returned properly. i've got to play around a bit, and when i
have a better idea of what is and what isn't i'll ping the list. 

either way, thx for the clarification. 

On Tue, 2005-02-01 at 15:42 +0530, Veerapuram Varadhan wrote:
> crawls in breadth-first method.  In case if you had tried beagle 
> long back, probably, you might want to swipe off the existing 
> beagle-index files (typically, rm -rf .beagle) and restart beagle for 
> re-indexing.  Or otherwise, copy your OOo files to your home
> directory 
> and beagle will pick it up instantaneously and indexes it
> immediately. 
> I am assuming that you have proper latest inotify kernel in place.

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