Re: Office File Status?

O'Grady Stephen wrote:
thx Matt, i did see that.

what i'm trying to figure out is why my OOo files aren't being indexed right now, and i'm assuming that i need what Trow called a separate filter. so what i'm trying to figure out is whether or not there's a separate filter component that i need to download and compile, or whether my Beagle is simply misbehaving by not crawling this content out of the box. my PDF's aren't being crawled either, from what i can tell.

Beagle crawls in breadth-first method. In case if you had tried beagle long back, probably, you might want to swipe off the existing beagle-index files (typically, rm -rf .beagle) and restart beagle for re-indexing. Or otherwise, copy your OOo files to your home directory and beagle will pick it up instantaneously and indexes it immediately. I am assuming that you have proper latest inotify kernel in place.

so when i'm asking about where the filters are, i'm looking for something to download. but maybe there's nothing to download.

Filters are contained in <prefix>/beagle/Filters/Filters.dll. The supported filetypes are those that are listed in beagle site. By default, you get all those filters installed along with beagle. However, there are few dependencies/packages required for few filters to work.

They are:
	Package/Dependency		Filter/Filetype
	1) wv1 				MS Word (*.doc)
	2) gsf-sharp			MS Powerpoint (*.ppt)
	3) pdfinfo (command line tool)  PDF (*.pdf)

The above dependency/packages are required for beagle to index these files.


V. Varadhan.

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On Sun, 2005-01-30 at 22:38 -0600, O'Grady Stephen wrote:
 > maybe i'm being obtuse, but where are the filters? i don't see them on
 > the wiki or the project webpage.
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 > On Sun, 2005-01-30 at 22:23 -0500, Stephen O'Grady wrote:
 > > i'm a bit
 > > unclear on whether OpenOffice files are supported natively by
 > Beagle,
 > OpenOffice files are support by Beagle.  There is a separate
 > OpenOffice
 > filter.
 > > might it make sense to have a page on the Wiki that gives current
 > status
 > > vis a vis indexability for Beagle/Dashboard? or is it there and i've
 > > simply missed it? PDF, i believe, is still absent.
 > There is a list at, but it might be
 > incomplete.  We've had PDF for a while... it is supported via a filter
 > that runs the pdfinfo program.
 > -J
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