Re: Beagle speaking notes ...

On Wed, 2005-02-02 at 00:29 +0100, Tomasz Torcz wrote:
>  Hi,
>  I going to ask you for advice. I'm preparing a talk for polish annual
> Linux meeting called Pingwinaria.
>  I'm going to present Beagle there. I mainly want to compare Beagle with
> other (commercial) offerings on other platform. I want to show why
> Beagle is better than Google Desktop Search, MSN, Yahoo, Spotlight,
> Copernicus and any other I can find.
>  Maybe I'll be able to show some demos, maybe not - it depends on
> available hardware/software, as I don't have a laptop to take and maybe
> I'll be unable to borrow one. (*)
>  To the meritum: I'm following Beagle development since it was only part
> of Dashboard. In fact I followed dashboard for a long time. I have
> already given one hour-long presentation for local LUG about Dashboard,
> Beagle, D-BUS & few other things.
>  I know about live queries, I have Nat's Beagle Roadmap bookmarked. I am
> interested in cool way to use beagle now and in future. How this could
> change the way we compute? What awesome things you secretly planning?
>  Any tips and suggestions what to draw attention to are going to be
> helpful!

I personally think the combination Beagle/Dashboard/AbiWord will make
the writing of technical papers much easier.

When I write such a paper I know I have lots of relevant documents
floating around my desktop but finding them and extracting the useful
bits is hard work. It is possible that Beagle, Dashboard and the AbiWord
plugin will do a lot of that work for me automatically.

We'll see :-)



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