Re: Beagle search engine

On Tue, 2005-02-01 at 15:57 +0100, Mario Sopena wrote:
> Well, it will be great that Beagle could index the Monodoc
> documentation, but we cannot force everybody that wants to search in
> Monodoc to install Beagle. So the problem is still there.

It's going to be on every desktop before long anyway. ;)

> I will look at it carefully, but my question is still there; is the
> Lucene engine from Beagle a hacked version or it is just copied from
> the dotLucene project? Is there a way we can share that with monodoc?

The hacks we've done are very minor: we added a property that lets us
change where the lockfiles are stored, and we added a bunch of
Beagle-specific locking.  You're better off just grabbing dotlucene from
the source.  There is a diff of the changes we made to upstream sources
in beagle cvs though.


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