ext2 -> ext3 migration require reindexing?

Hello all...

I started playing with Beagle recently...good, good stuff. I've lurked
around since the old original Dashboard days, but I realized recently
that it's come a LONG way, and definitely fills a need I have. And
looks like a good place to start playing with mono in a decent sized
app. Joy all around.

Anyway...quick question. I've started playing around with beagled, and
realized that I probably should (finally) upsize my /home partition
from ext2 to ext3. Should I/do I need to redo the indexing after that?
If so, what should I whack? .beagle/Indexes, or just
.beagle/Indexes/FileSystemIndex? (ah, I see the FileAttributesStore.db
in there now...this is starting to make sense).

Thanks for any help, and I look forward to poking around and checking
things out. Take care!


Ken Kennedy	| http://www.kenzoid.com	| kkennedy kenzoid com

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