Re: Nautilus select file patch

Exactly, this (like my first patch) was something I fiddled with for
my own purposes and is more POC than anything else. I started poking
around the nautilus code, but there isn't much in terms of
documentation (it would be nice to just load eel or something and have
a function like eel_highlight_uri(URI)) Just thinking out loud.

The other possibility I considered was something with nautilus
bookmarks, or using the custom canvas that the NAUTILUS_SEARCH2 branch

End all, we just need them to be nice and help us out.....

-Kevin Kubasik

On 12/16/05, Lukas Lipka <lukas pmad net> wrote:
> Hi,
> We would rather like to be able to do this on the Nautilus side.
> Rewriting the metadata files seems a very bad idea to me. Joe suggested
> using something like:
>        nautilus file:///home/lukas/foo.jpg
> Which would select the file. But as I said this needs implementation on
> the Nautilus side, rather than in Beagle.
> Best,
> Lukas
> On Fri, 2005-12-16 at 00:19 -0500, Kevin Kubasik wrote:
> > This was my rag-tag attempt at getting the nautilus metadata to select
> > the file we want. It actually kinda works, except that nautilus does
> > not query the metadata continually, and since it remains running in
> > the background, theres no real way to force a cosmetic reload of basic
> > config.
> >
> > But anyways, here it is, untested, but my first realy forray into C#,
> > and it was quite fun ;)
> >
> > --Kevin Kubasik
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Kevin Kubasik

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