Re: Moving folders broken?

On Tue, 2005-08-23 at 03:19 +0200, Andreas Wasserman wrote:
> If you have a query up in best, with like 3 results all from the same
> dir, and then move that dir, does it update? 

Moves are by far the trickiest operation to get right: due to
limitations of the unix file system, we can't really get all of the
information we need out of inotify.  Here is where things stand ---

There has always been an issue with beagle giving real-time notification
when a name-change by a parent folder causes the object's uri to change.
That is certainly fixable, but hasn't been at the top of our priority
list.  (And in case anyone is curious, this problem is independent of
the file-system issues I alluded to above.  Fixing it is just a question
of writing some code.)

On the contrary, we should not lose files to the point where the daemon
won't find them again until restarted.  At worst, you should just need
to fire the query again to get updated results.  Based on what you've
observed, I would encourage you to open a bug at  We
can discuss your problem in more detail there.


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