Moving folders broken?


I'm running from todays CVS and this is still (for me) broken
and I'm having a hard time getting ahold of anyone else running beagle
so I thought I'd go to the source.

If you have a query up in best, with like 3 results all from the same
dir, and then move that dir, does it update? In essence it could just
stay static cause no info on screen says anything but current folder
that would be the same, but "Reveal in file manager" verifies that it's
still the old directory with a folder doesn't exist error.

It updates if I move files one by one, but moving the directory brakes
it, brakes it as in if I re-search it doesn't find anything, even if I
move the directory back to it's original position beagle won't find
those files again until I restart it and it re-index it.

A restart is the only fix, touching the files or something like that
doesn't help.

The relevant parts from both log files can be found here:

What the logs contain are basically first me moving the file just to
verify that works, then I try to move the entire directory with the file
and this is where beagle fails on me.

Top part is indexhelper, second is Beagle, I censored all the
non-relevant directories it's indexing while I'm doing this with XXXXXX.

Andreas Wasserman

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