beagle and imap[Scanned]


I've been using beagle for the last few weeks, and have a slight problem
that I can't work out. I use IMAP in Evolution to connect to an Exchange
server. This connection is also synchronised for offline. However,
beagle doesn't seem to index either the live IMAP connection or the
offline copy. The only mail I get indexed is local mail from other
accounts. Because the IMAP connection is to Exchange, the user name is
in the format DOMAINNAME/username/mailbox and I wondered if this might
be the problem. If I run beagled with --fg --debug, I can see it knows
it should index the IMAP folders, but then it comes up with lines
saying :

INFO: Unable to determine account name for MUZAKDOMAIN\mjarvis
\matt jarvis 10 0 0 2

I also have another line in the output which I am not sure is relevant :

Lookup failed for /home/matt/.evolution/mail/local/.#Inbox.cmeta

Can anyone shed some light on this problem ?

Thanks in advance


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