Best Memory usage

Hello Everybody

Best is occupying too much memory,
currently 80 MB,
Fresh start, and nothing searched in it, it is sitting in systray, 
in my "top" list Mozilla Firefox (is also not a native application) only managed
to exeed best in occupying more memory,
everything else (even Gimp2, Kmail) is occupy only half amount of memory
omparing to best, 
best is obese,
best badly needs deep optimizations or (i am sure you people won't accept my
next proposal)
port or rewrite it as a native C based Gnome binary without mono underpinings,
developers who read this post don't overlook,
i know best is just a temporary front-end for beagle,
still it would here to stay for some time, so optimizing best won't going to
obsoleted in a short time, 
please consider my thoughts.

Raghu GS

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