Re: Best Memory usage


how do you evaluate the memory?
If I look on my memory consumption it is this:
108000 32848	mono-best --debug  /.../Best.exe
52124  25048    mono-best --debug /../BeagleDaemon.exe --bg

So what does this number means?
108000 means memory including memory mapped data. If you mmap some very
big file to memory and read only 1 byte it will in reality take only 1
block of memory (2KiB or something like that). But this number will
contain complete file.

So if we compare it to gimp:

26152 20372  gimp
12968  4260 /usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/script-fu -gimp 6 5 -run 0

So GIMP takes 25 MiB of real memory (compare it to 32 MiB of best). 

I don't say beagle can't be optimized. I just want to say that rewriting
will not save us too much memory. The reason why Best takes so much
memory is that it uses Gecko (mozilla html engine) not for using mono. 

With regards

Petr Ferschmann

Raghu GS píše v Po 08. 08. 2005 v 06:00 +0000:
> Hello Everybody
> Howdy,
> Best is occupying too much memory,
> currently 80 MB,
> Fresh start, and nothing searched in it, it is sitting in systray, 
> in my "top" list Mozilla Firefox (is also not a native application) only managed
> to exeed best in occupying more memory,
> everything else (even Gimp2, Kmail) is occupy only half amount of memory
> omparing to best, 
> best is obese,
> best badly needs deep optimizations or (i am sure you people won't accept my
> next proposal)
> port or rewrite it as a native C based Gnome binary without mono underpinings,
> developers who read this post don't overlook,
> i know best is just a temporary front-end for beagle,
> still it would here to stay for some time, so optimizing best won't going to
> obsoleted in a short time, 
> please consider my thoughts.
> Raghu GS
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