Re: "You need kernel 2.6.13"

> Hi,
> Running beagled (CVS version) produces the following error:
>  inotify_init: Function not implemented
>  Inotify not supported!  You need a 2.6.13 kernel or later with
> I'm running kernel with the inotify-0.23-rml-2.6.12-15.patch and 
> I don't think I can get hold of a kernel 2.6.13 without a time machine :-) 
> Should I ignore the error message, or upgrade to the rc version of 2.6.13?

Just thought somebody (in a situation like mine) might want to use CVS
but with inotify-0.23. I was able to do it by checking out CVS and
then reverting /glue/ and Util/Inotify.cs to 2005-07-13. This
mix-match might not be very stable but its working for me without any
problems (till now). (Standard disclaimer applies).

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