updated inotify.

Announcement: I moved cubes and my new cube totally kicks the ass of all
other cubes in the office including Joe Shaw's cube, which is now small
and pathetic in comparison and let's not even get me started on my old
cube--oh my god was it awful--which was a total shithouse compared to my
new sterling shining display of my sphere of influence, additionally I
can prove all of this as I won "2005 Cube of the Year" and the award is
displayed outside of my cube.

Ahem.  Also: Updated inotify kernels!

SUSE 9.3 packages, version 727.inotify.0:


These use the new inotify 0.23:


What is new?

	- IN_ATTRIB event on xattr change
	- One-Shot support
	- Don't allow seeks on the device
	- Couple minor bug fixes, clean ups

*** These kernels require Beagle from CVS as-of today ***

Fear not, the latest CVS, however, is backward compatible with the
previous Inotify kernels and patches.


	Robert Love

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