Re: updated inotify.

On Wed, 2005-04-27 at 14:23 -0400, Robert Love wrote:

> Ahem.  Also: Updated inotify kernels!
> SUSE 9.3 packages, version 727.inotify.0:
> These use the new inotify 0.23:

Now, SUSE 9,3 kernel packages version 727.inotify.1 and kernel patches
version 0.23-4 are out.

Since the last posting:

	- Changed the default knob values [*]
	- Backward compatible IN_ALL_EVENTS flag
	- Misc. cleanup and optimizations

[*] The default number of events is now 8192, from only 512.  This
should greatly decrease the chance of queue overflow.

The default number of devices is also increased, to 128 from 64.  This
should not affect Beagle, though.

The default number of watches, however, is now only 8192, down from
16384.  This is because 8192 is a saner maximum for the mainline kernel,
in which we are preparing for submission.  Beagle users may want to bump
this number.  The only downside to larger numbers is memory consumption.

As always, I recommended setting your own defaults via the exposed sysfs
knobs.  An init script makes sense for this.  One for SUSE systems is
attached (it is also checked into CVS at tools/boot.inotify.init).  This
init script sets your (watches,devices,events) limits to (16k,128,16k).

To activate the boot script on SUSE, save it to


and run as root

	/sbin/chkconfig --add boot.inotify


	Robert Love

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