Re: beagled -- ioctl: Bad address

On Fri, 2005-04-15 at 17:39 -0500, Thor Farrow wrote:

> I've gone through the steps to reinstall per the instructions at the
> link with no result.  I've elected to remove the inotify
> call in /boot/grub/menu.lst until I get home some time next week.  I
> don't want to keep poking and end up doing something to make my laptop
> unusable until then, with no ability to recover.  Just as a matter of
> curiosity, what does enabling inotify gain me with regards to Beagle?

Quite a bit:

	- the ability to instantly reindex a file upon change or
	- Live Updates.  the ability to automatically refresh a
	  search whenever the results would change due to a
	  filesystem event.
	- on-the-fly indexing of other things, too, such as IM's

You need Inotify 0.21 or later for more recent Beagle releases.

You could try Beagle 0.0.8 and see if that works with your kernel.
Alternatively, you could recompile your kernel with the latest inotify.

	Robert Love

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