Re: making progress, but Beagle still breaking


On Wed, 2005-04-06 at 18:43 +0000, Charlie Law wrote:
> Joe, I hope this info is helpful. Thanks for your reply. I really like  
> Beagle and am hoping the best for it.

Thanks, and we hope so too. :)

> FYI, I'm using the Beagle built from CVS on 5 April 2005. The crash  
> seems to occur when I'm using Best, but, then, I've not had Beagle  
> running without Best, though I can do this if you like. I can't figure  
> out what's triggering the crash, however. It does seem to happen when I  
> ask Best to show me search results from something that apparently isn't  
> in the index yet.

Are you talking about a Best or beagled crash here?  The latter is the
one we're most interested in.  I suspect there's something about your
file system that is causing an exception in the indexing, but it's being
caught and the files aren't being cleaned up.  That's all speculation

> I looked at /proc/3027/fd and all I see is a bunch of "@1", "@2", etc.,  
> listings on up to "@999".

If you do ls -l, it should say what files they point to.  If they're
mostly .cfs files followed by "(deleted)" then we know for sure that
it's a dup of 165819.


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