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One item I've been thinking about recently is adding cluepackets to various open source web community packages, like phpBB, movableType, serendipity, etc.  Basically to get better clues than just RSS feeds.   For example, some opensource projects have a forum where they give support and they do private messaging in the forum.   Might be cool to have clues on that stuff as well.

My question is, what's the best way to integrate clues with dashboard (which is presumably sitting on the user's desktop behind some firewall)?.  I've been pondering a few ideas:

- When you're doing things on the website, it generates a clue and sends it off to dashboard.  (Firewall/exposing service issue here).  Still, if dashboard exposed a little web [SOAP] service it could be useful on your intranet and even between your gnome desktop and Windows box. 

- Have the website generate a clue as something transparent (html comment? not sure on this one) that could be detected by a firefox plugin and then the firefox plugin would send it to dashboard.
- Queue up clues in the web application and provide beagle a way of retrieving them later.  Pretty much just like periodic crawling of RSS feeds, this would be crawling of your internet accounts and sucking the clues out of them.  I kind of like this idea better because it doesn't open up your computer to being bombarded with clues from the internet - i.e. spam-clues.  The sites you would crawl would be a white-list of trusted sites. 

If this is an area worth exploring, it could provide some additional exposure to dashboard/clues to a new audience.


On Tue, 2004-09-21 at 04:14 -0400, Nat Friedman wrote:
Hi guys,

Just to let you know, we're going to be doing a little hackfest on
Beagle tomorrow at the Novell office here in Bangalore.  Jon and I wrote
up a quick ideas list for that, which I thought I'd share with other
        - Indexing tomboy notes, so that they are searchable from best.
        Requires a filter and a tile, and that's probably about it.
        - Source code indexing.  C#, Java, C.  Get comments, get
        identifiers, get strings.
        - Small tool to browse IM logs, for when you click on IM log
        tiles.  This could basically be a little C# implementation of
        what happens in Gaim when you right click on a buddy and say
        "View Log".
        - Show presence in person tiles?  Needs Galago/Mono bindings.
        - Search applet.  Click, type, results.
        - A small dialog to show actions for a given contact, like the
        addressbook search panel applet.
        - RSS crawling in the daemon, to allow you to search your
        favorite feeds without visiting them first.
        - Bugzilla searching query backend.
        - Fixup the beagle web site to be close to as good as the tomboy
        web site.
I've also committed a few changes to the Beagle TODO file.

We'll be hacking from 9:30am Bangalore time till we get tired :-).
Sorry, no one can join us in the office here, but we'll be on IRC too,
#dashboard on gimpnet.



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