Beagle hackfest.

Hi guys,

Just to let you know, we're going to be doing a little hackfest on
Beagle tomorrow at the Novell office here in Bangalore.  Jon and I wrote
up a quick ideas list for that, which I thought I'd share with other
        - Indexing tomboy notes, so that they are searchable from best.
        Requires a filter and a tile, and that's probably about it.
        - Source code indexing.  C#, Java, C.  Get comments, get
        identifiers, get strings.
        - Small tool to browse IM logs, for when you click on IM log
        tiles.  This could basically be a little C# implementation of
        what happens in Gaim when you right click on a buddy and say
        "View Log".
        - Show presence in person tiles?  Needs Galago/Mono bindings.
        - Search applet.  Click, type, results.
        - A small dialog to show actions for a given contact, like the
        addressbook search panel applet.
        - RSS crawling in the daemon, to allow you to search your
        favorite feeds without visiting them first.
        - Bugzilla searching query backend.
        - Fixup the beagle web site to be close to as good as the tomboy
        web site.
I've also committed a few changes to the Beagle TODO file.

We'll be hacking from 9:30am Bangalore time till we get tired :-).
Sorry, no one can join us in the office here, but we'll be on IRC too,
#dashboard on gimpnet.



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