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Where is the speech recognition application though?  Obviously, it's probably not on the voice mail server.  It would have to be on whatever application you were running on your linux desktop that let you listen your voicemails with, like one of those linux SIP phones (linphone or that modification to GAIM).

In either case, if there's a phone application that's sending clue packets there's probably better [and easier] things to get.  For example, a phone could send clue packets based on the call itself (name of the caller, time of call, duration of call, if the call was answered or not, etc).  All of this information is available via standard headers in the SIP protocol.

Getting back to ASR, I guess you could have some ASR filtering your voice stream in the phone and it could add those extra clues for those dates, times, and locations -- but it wouldn't give any other context to that clue.  For example, if you dialed into a voice mail system you probably already know who left the voice mail and when it was left.  If you're listening to a voice mail message, like "Hey Srikant, the concert is on the 19th at 8 o'clock", I'm guessing that the ASR is going to be able to recognize "19th" and "8 o'clock", so programmatically you have whatever information you get from the voice mail server about the message (who left it and when) and some of this data -- but it wouldn't have your name or that it was a concert [unless concert appears in the locations grammar].

At the moment, I don't think there's any linux voice mail application - either stand alone or as a feature in linphone/gaim's SIP version).  So, if you wanted your voice mail you're probably dialing an external number to some external mailbox and getting your voicemails through a prompt system.  The reason I bring this up is because there'd be no saving of voice mail messages on the user's PC.  So, there'd be no way to easily launch something to hear the voicemail once you found the information in dashboard.

The more I think about it, getting SIP support into GAIM and then getting more clues from GAIM would be a really great thing.


On Fri, 2004-09-17 at 07:31 +0100, Srikant Jakilinki wrote:
I would say that the dates, times and locations - are always important as clues. In technical terms, they are called "named entities". The IBM package would become uber-cool if we could identify  names of people as well. And it would be nice to integrate all this with telephony. Like say, extracting information out from our voicemail boxes.

I also think that we should have a page on Dashboard to collect all these links. They are just embedded somewhere deep within the mailing list.

On Friday September 17th 2004, Al Baker wrote:

> What IBM is releasing sounds like it will have a limited grammar and
> grammar detection support in it.  The article mentions it would
> primarily recognize speech for dates, times, and locations -- e.g. for
> reservation systems.  Probably not very applicable to dashboard until it
> could do the things you describe below.
> Just my 2 cents.
> Al
> On Mon, 2004-09-13 at 22:54 +0200, Nils Erik Svangård wrote:
> > Hi!
> > I read on slashdot that IBM is releasing a voicerecognition packet as
> > opensource.
> > It would be very cool if dashboard could create cluepackets from the
> > speechrecognition software and dig up info on what whatever you are
> > talking about.
> > I would be cool for a radiostation, they could get cool trivia on
> > whatever the callers or dj is talking about.
> > And it would be cool if you just could pipe your favourite
> > radiostation throught dashboard and get relevant info as you listen!
> > ;)
> >
> > =)
> > /nisse
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