I've been noticing today and yesterday that when I start the beagle
dameon using "beagled --nofork" I get an error about it not being able
to find inotify and that the FileSystemQueryable throws a
System.Exception.  And it throws a bunch of errors and then I can't
search anything using Best.  I went through CVS to see why this might
be happening and found a few places in the beagled where there is "..
is now inotify only".

I assume this is due to my possible lack of having inotify installed. 
Unfortunatly I'm pretty new to some of this and I don't know exactly
what inotify is and I can't seem to find in my kernel .config file.

Could someone please be kind enough to educate me as to what exactly
inotify is and how to get it installed properly.  The only info I find
on the thing is a few patches here and there, but nothing really
expalintory as to what it is and how to go about installing it
correctly (not really into screwing up my kernel).



--Michael Koby
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