updated more than ever before inotify kernels

Updated inotify kernels!  Release 757.inotify.0!  No more jumbojet!




What's new?  Four major changes:

        - We now send out IN_CLOSE_WRITE and IN_CLOSE_NOWRITE instead
          of IN_CLOSE.  IN_CLOSE_WRITE signifies that a file, which
          was open for writing, was closed.  IN_CLOSE_NOWRITE denotes
          the closing of a read-only file.  This allows apps to not
          track IN_MODIFY and just respond on each IN_CLOSE_WRITE.
          IN_CLOSE is still defined as the bitwise OR of WRITE and

        - We now send out the close events on file release, not
          file close.  In most circumstances this is the same thing,
          but it means that you will now also get close events even
          if an app does not explicitly call close(2), such as if it
          is killed or "falls off the end" and just returns.  So
          tracking IN_CLOSE_WRITE is now sufficient for a complete
          view of all modifications.
        - The MOVED_TO/MOVED_FROM bug where MOVED_FROM showed
          the new file name is fixed.  MOVED_TO now correctly shows
          the old filename.
        - The ->cookie value on MOVED_TO/MOVED_FROM now works.  On
          normal events, it is zero.  When an event is to be linked
          to another event (MOVED_TO and MOVED_FROM) the cookie is
          a nonzero u32 shared by both MOVED_TO and MOVED_FROM. The
          number is unique to a given instance of a device.  A
          little note on using this: Basically, you receive one of
          the MOVED events and then the second, link them via the
          cookie, and that is it.  Note that you only get the events
          for directories you are watching.  So if you have a/foo
          and move it to b/ and are watching a/ but not b/, you
          will receive the MOVED_FROM but not the MOVED_TO.  Live
          with it--MOVED_TO and MOVED_FROM are smart CREATE/DELETE
          events, nothing more.

This is basically all of trow's open issues.


Go, and prosper,

	Robert Love

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