Re: Inotify

On Wed, 2004-10-06 at 20:00 -0500, Michael Koby wrote:

Hi, Michael.

> I assume this is due to my possible lack of having inotify installed. 
> Unfortunatly I'm pretty new to some of this and I don't know exactly
> what inotify is and I can't seem to find in my kernel .config file.
> Could someone please be kind enough to educate me as to what exactly
> inotify is and how to get it installed properly.  The only info I find
> on the thing is a few patches here and there, but nothing really
> expalintory as to what it is and how to go about installing it
> correctly (not really into screwing up my kernel).

Inotify is a kernel feature that is currently not in the mainline
kernel, so you have to apply it as a patch.

We can help you with this.  This is what we train for.

The first question is, do you compile your own kernel or use a
prepackaged kernel from your distribution?

If the latter, simply mosey on over to

and download the patch, apply it, enable CONFIG_INOTIFY, and recompile.
Since you mentioned checking your .config, I presume this is not too
foreign.  If it is, holler and we can help.

If you use your vendor's kernel, then we can help, but currently only if
you use SUSE.  If you use SUSE 9.x or SLES9, kernels are available at

Simply install that and off you go.

If you use something else, then I do not know of any inotify kernel
packages, but with luck someone will build some soon.


	Robert Love

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