Filter Midi patch again

I was told to resubmit it in the IRC channel. It needs review to get
added to CVS

Chris is the only other person I am aware who has tested it. 

I'll attach the original message too.. 

-This basically adds a Midi filter (.mid), which is capable of getting
track names, lyrics, embedded text and the copyrights from the files. 

- So far, it has the theoretical rate of processing 5 midi's per
second on this 800mhz P3, but I expect this to speed up more (I'd
personally like to get it up to around 10 per second at least).
- Anyone have any tips to improve this, speed it up more?

- There are a few bugs (every 40 or 50 files, it gets junk as the
lyrics, but thats a bug in parsing), but overall, its got a good
success rate, especially for a first version. The bugs may have been
caused by corrupt midi's,
- I think I need more meta events, and still not sure the 

- To use it, edit Filters/, add it, and copy this
decompressed file to Filters/

Where the biggest benefit will be:
- When people want to know what the name of a song with lyrics of
"bleh bleh bleh" is. With dashboard integration, the cool thing would
be when someone asks someone this over MSN, and its automatically

Questions from me:
- Should I keep lyrics support, it slows it down a bit, and peo-ple
te-nd  to sing like this so it takes more effort to produce good
quality lyrics support? Lyric support also requires full scanning of
the file.. With its removal, I may be able to just read the beginnings
of each frame making it much faster, but would also reduce the
accuracy. would also eliminate any known existing bugs. The lyrics
which are read may always look a bit "funny" (which could potentially
be improved with a spell checking thing).. By funny, I mean this
example is what currently happens:

   ALL rights reserved. Not for broadcast or  transmission of any
kind.  DO NOT DUPLICATE. NOT FOR RENTAL.  Lookin' out on the  used
feel unin spired.  And when I knew I had to face othGod, it me so
tired.   Before the day met my life kind;  but you're the  key to my
peace of  mind. 'Cause make me feel, you me  you make me like a ural
woman, wom an.  When my soul was the lost and found,  you came ato
it. I didn't know just what was with  me till your kiss helped name
it. Now longer doubtful  of what livfor,   and if make hap py, I don't
more. 'Cause you make you make me  feel, you make me feel like a ural
woman,  an. bawhat you've done to what you've done to me.   You make
feel so in side, inside.   And just wanbe, wanna be you; make feel so
You make me feel, you feel, you make me feel like a natural wom  You
make me feel, you make me  feel, you feel like a natural woman.   You
feel, you make me  feel, you make me feel like natural wom an.  You
make me you make me you make feel like a uwom

- Is AddProperty (Beagle.Property.New ("IncludedText", randomText));
the correct choice for what I am doing? I dont get the difference between
NewKeywords, etc (lines 274 -> 285).


And I also looked into Reiser4 support.. Turns out that not only is
the Multiple file stream  plugin not done yet for reiser4, but that
since pseudo file support is disabled by default in the majority of
the kernel patches (-mm -ck, -cko, etc), which means that since
reiser4 wont be getting xattr which I hear beagle relies on, that
proper reiser4 support wont be able to be added anytime in the near
future unfortunately :(

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