Re: Beagle Midi Filter [Patch]

I've been reading through this and cleaning it up a bit.

Could you send me a bunch of midi files to test this with?

Also, what external program did you use for testing?

I have some ideas for speeding it up and for improving the behavior, but
I'd need test files to make any progress with that.


Le samedi 06 novembre 2004 à 13:36 +1100, Andrew Luecke a écrit :
> hey all,
> this is my first patch, so, it should probably be reviewed.. 
> Supports: 
> -This basically adds a Midi filter (.mid), which is capable of getting
> track names, lyrics, embedded text and the copyrights from
> Optimisation:
> - So far, it has the theoretical rate of processing 5 midi's per
> second on this 800mhz P3, but I expect this to speed up more (I'd
> personally like to get it up to around 10 per second at least).
> - Anyone have any tips to improve this, speed it up more?
> - It seems to take a long time to do concat.. So i guess that might be
> one area I could optimise it in (because if there are 10000 different
> lyrics, its gotta concat 10000 times).
> Bugs:
> - There are a few bugs (every 40 or 50 files, it gets junk as the
> lyrics, but thats a bug in parsing), but overall, its got a good
> success rate, especially for a first version.
> - I always was unable to test it on beagle directly at runtime, but
> have tested it using an external test program, and tested compilation
> with beagle CVS. Beagle for me throws an error which is apperently a
> problem people have been experiencing off an on for a while anyway.
> Install: 
> - To use it, edit Filters/, add it, and copy this
> decompressed file to Filters/
> Where the biggest benefit will be:
> - When people want to know what the name of a song with lyrics of
> "bleh bleh bleh" is. With dashboard integration, the cool thing would
> be when someone asks someone this over MSN, and its automatically
> fetched.
> Questions from me:
> - Should I keep lyrics support, it slows it down a bit, and peo-ple
> te-nd  to sing like this so it takes more effort to produce good
> quality lyrics support? Lyric support also requires full scanning of
> the file.. With its removal, I may be able to just read the beginnings
> of each frame making it much faster, but would also reduce the
> accuracy. would also eliminate any known existing bugs. The lyrics
> which are read may always look a bit "funny" (which could potentially
> be improved with a spell checking thing).. By funny, I mean this
> example is what currently happens:
>     ALL rights reserved. Not for broadcast or  transmission of any
> kind.  DO NOT DUPLICATE. NOT FOR RENTAL.  Lookin' out on the  used
> feel unin spired.  And when I knew I had to face othGod, it me so
> tired.   Before the day met my life kind;  but you're the  key to my
> peace of  mind. 'Cause make me feel, you me  you make me like a ural
> woman, wom an.  When my soul was the lost and found,  you came ato 
> it. I didn't know just what was with  me till your kiss helped name 
> it. Now longer doubtful  of what livfor,   and if make hap py, I don't
>  more. 'Cause you make you make me  feel, you make me feel like a ural
> woman,  an. bawhat you've done to what you've done to me.   You make
> feel so in side, inside.   And just wanbe, wanna be you; make feel so 
> You make me feel, you feel, you make me feel like a natural wom  You
> make me feel, you make me  feel, you feel like a natural woman.   You
> feel, you make me  feel, you make me feel like natural wom an.  You
> make me you make me you make feel like a uwom
> - Is AddProperty (Beagle.Property.New ("IncludedText", randomText));
> the correct choice for what I am doing? I dont get the diff between
> NewKeywords, etc (lines 274 -> 285).
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