Re: Beagle Midi Filter [Patch]


On 06/11/04 02:36, Andrew Luecke wrote:
hey all,
this is my first patch, so, it should probably be reviewed.. Supports: -This basically adds a Midi filter (.mid), which is capable of getting
track names, lyrics, embedded text and the copyrights from

Well it works for me on the few MIDI files I have. :)

- It seems to take a long time to do concat.. So i guess that might be
one area I could optimise it in (because if there are 10000 different
lyrics, its gotta concat 10000 times).

I don't have any MIDI files with embedded lyrics, so I didn't experience any significant slowdown, but in general I'd imagine you could make use of System.Text.StringBuilder for concatenation. The benefit of this being that you just instantiate a single StringBuilder rather than having to create 10,000 new string objects.


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