updated inotify kernels

Updated inotify kernel packages:


These work on SUSE 9.1, SUSE 9.2, SLES 9, and NLD.

Those of you building kernels for other distributions, the patch is
available here


There has been a lot of inotify changes lately.  None of these break
API, though, and J.T. and I are working to take advantage of the new

The first change is that there is no longer a global device limit and
per-device watch limit.  Instead, the device and watch limits are now
per-user.  Each user has a configurable maximum number of devices they
can open and maximum number of watches they can add.  These knobs are
tunable on a global basis in sysfs, although the sysfs files are not
being created at the moment for some reason--will be fixed in next

Second, the number of queued events are now configurable, although the
sysfs file is also not showing up at the moment.

The current defaults are 512 queued events, 64 devices per user, 16384

Third, added an FIONREAD ioctl to allow the querying of the number of
bytes in the inotify device queue.  This will allow us to make better
decisions in the inotify thread about throttling, to hopefully improve
worst-case performance.

Other misc. fixes and improvements.

Fondest regards,

	Robert Love

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