Re: Search applet?

On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 00:49 -0400, Tom von Schwerdtner wrote:
> Greetings,
> Has anyone toyed with a panel applet for Dashboard?  While I like the
> current GUI ideas, I would find it very useful to be able to just query
> the back-ends in a panel applet with a drop-down of results (eg, an
> unmanaged window sort of like the calendar drop-down).  Maybe a prefs
> dialog that let you select which back-ends to query or something along
> those lines for fine tuning.
> Its on my "when I have time to hack" TODO list, but I thought someone
> else might have done some hacking already...

Hey Tom,

This is a great idea.  I'd also like to see a panel-embeddable
dashboard, so that we can put it on the right side of the screen inside
a panel.  So there are really two applets that we could write:

        - Search applet.  Something simple in the panel, like a small
        entry widget with a little icon next to it (a magnifying glass!
        genius!).  When you enter a search term, you could have a window
        pop up with the results.  This could even be a slightly
        stripped-down dashboard window, for starters.
        - A dashboard applet, for sidebar panels.  We'd have to bump the
        maximum width of the sidebar (it's currently 120 pixels).

If you have time, I'd be glad to give any pointers.


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