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Hey guys,

Dashboard now supports Dewey mail matches in CVS.  I disabled the
now-obsolete EvolutionMailBackend, since Dewey is now indexing mails for
us.  Also, the MailMessageRenderer now supports Michael Zucchi's
Evolutoin 1.5 hack to allow us to open a specific message in Evolution
when you click on a mail match in Dashboard.  Hoozah!


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I've extended the uri handler to view a message.  This is in cvs.

URI's are of the form

Which is the abstract url notation used internally in evolution mail anyway (apart from the uid bit).

accountid = the account id, in the form user host (but it isn't an actual user or host it's a unique id generated in EAccount).
For local mail, which i understand is all you need for this, use the pseudo account "local local"

Folder/Path = the folder name.

uid = the uid.

I dont even want to know how you're getting the info, i'm sure you can work out the folder name, but thats all you need, the folder name and the uid, from a local folder, since the account id is always local local

The uid is as a url parameter.  For evolution's local mailboxes, that will always be a decimal number anyway.

evolution-1.5 "email://local local/Inbox;uid=20"
will open message 20 of the local Inbox, if it exists.

Its a url, so url encoding applies, etc.

If the uid doesn't exist you'll get an error box and a blank window - fixing that is more difficult.  IF the folder doesn't exist you'll get an error box only.  But at least you'll get something.

Michael Zucchi <notzed ximian com>

Ximian Evolution and Free Software Developer

Novell, Inc.

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