Newbie contributer


the dashboard project realy excites me, and i would realy love too see
it truely work.
I have read the code (well not all of it offcourse), and i think i could
realy contribute since the code is so clear to read and understand.
But the problem is, there is almost no recent documentation it seems.
(or i'm looking in all the wrong places)

While i think i understand how the system is suposed to work, via the
frontend/backend and clue packges. 
And i can understand the code.
I can't even get the thing to work.

the gnome engine part gives errors on 
168 and 170  (there doesn't seem to be a Start methode in e the System.
which i temporarily solved by just commenting out those lines.

after that gazetteer.cs in utils/geo din't compile becouse he din't knew
what GZip was (" Load (new GZip.GZipInputStream (s)); ")

after that it compiled, but when ran borked on gtkhtml

Setting up GUI...

Unhandled Exception: System.DllNotFoundException: gtkhtml-3.0
in <0x00053> (wrapper managed-to-native) Gtk.HTML:gtk_html_new ()
in <0x0007a> Gtk.HTML:.ctor ()
in [0x0008c] (at /opt/src/dashboard/engine/gui.cs:63) Dashboard.
DashboardWindow:.ctor (string,Dashboard.Dashboard)
in [0x00011] (at /opt/src/dashboard/engine/dashboard.cs:258) Dashboard.
Dashboard:SetupGUI ()
in [0x00069] (at /opt/src/dashboard/engine/dashboard.cs:79) Dashboard.
Dashboard:.ctor ()
in [0x0002b] (at /opt/src/dashboard/engine/dashboard.cs:33) Dashboard.
Driver:Main (string[])

Is this normal for the time being, or is it simply my system? 
I realy want to start working on this project, but if i can't even get
the thing to work?

So any help to documentation would be very helpfull and appriciated.
or even a current states of the project as to what is broken and what

thanks in advance,
Erik snoeijs.

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