Re: Newbie contributer

Are you using the latest CVS version? I cant currently confirm that it
works but it should.

As for gtkhtml-3.0 startup errors.
Unhandled Exception: System.DllNotFoundException: gtkhtml-3.0
I think this is quite clear, install gtkhtml-3.0 and recompile

Also make sure you have the 'beagle' indexer from  the GNOME CVS.


On Wed, 2004-06-16 at 23:28, Erik "StratoS" Snoeijs wrote:
> Hi,
> the dashboard project realy excites me, and i would realy love too see
> it truely work.
> I have read the code (well not all of it offcourse), and i think i could
> realy contribute since the code is so clear to read and understand.
> But the problem is, there is almost no recent documentation it seems.
> (or i'm looking in all the wrong places)
> While i think i understand how the system is suposed to work, via the
> frontend/backend and clue packges. 
> And i can understand the code.
> I can't even get the thing to work.
> the gnome engine part gives errors on 
> 168 and 170  (there doesn't seem to be a Start methode in e the System.
> Diagnostics.Process.)
> which i temporarily solved by just commenting out those lines.
> after that gazetteer.cs in utils/geo din't compile becouse he din't knew
> what GZip was (" Load (new GZip.GZipInputStream (s)); ")
> after that it compiled, but when ran borked on gtkhtml
> -====-
> [cut]
> Setting up GUI...
> Unhandled Exception: System.DllNotFoundException: gtkhtml-3.0
> in <0x00053> (wrapper managed-to-native) Gtk.HTML:gtk_html_new ()
> in <0x0007a> Gtk.HTML:.ctor ()
> in [0x0008c] (at /opt/src/dashboard/engine/gui.cs:63) Dashboard.
> DashboardWindow:.ctor (string,Dashboard.Dashboard)
> in [0x00011] (at /opt/src/dashboard/engine/dashboard.cs:258) Dashboard.
> Dashboard:SetupGUI ()
> in [0x00069] (at /opt/src/dashboard/engine/dashboard.cs:79) Dashboard.
> Dashboard:.ctor ()
> in [0x0002b] (at /opt/src/dashboard/engine/dashboard.cs:33) Dashboard.
> Driver:Main (string[])
> -====-
> Is this normal for the time being, or is it simply my system? 
> I realy want to start working on this project, but if i can't even get
> the thing to work?
> So any help to documentation would be very helpfull and appriciated.
> or even a current states of the project as to what is broken and what
> isn't.
> thanks in advance,
> Erik snoeijs.
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