Re: PATCH: beagle 'fast craw' implementation

On Wed, 2004-06-16 at 00:23 -0400, Joe Gasiorek wrote:

I've applied this patch to CVS.


This patch needs a few tweaks before it can go in.  In particular, there
shouldn't be an Emblem property on the Indexable class.  It should all
go into IndexableFile, since the emblems are only relevant for files.
Also, the emblem should get set in DoBuild by

  this ["Emblem"] = FindEmblem (path); // or whatever

BTW: If the emblem changes but the file itself doesn't, then beagle
won't pick up the change.  That isn't really a huge problem, but it
probably should be FIXMEd in the code.  An alternative might be to do
the emblem stuff in the special file code in Hit.cs.  

>+                       path = Path.GetDirectoryName (path);
>+                       path = path.Replace ("/", "%2F");

Isn't there some function in the class library that we should use here?
My worry is that there are other special characters that need to be

Also: it is easier if you just send the patches along with the e-mail as
an attachment.  That makes it easy to quote from the patch.


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