Epiphany support/License issues

Christian has just confirmed on IRC that he's accepted both the patch to
epiphany to generate page content, and the patch to epiphany-extensions
to send the content to dashboard ....

... BUT ....

Part of the extension is currently dashboard-frontend.c (As taken from
dashboard/frontends/). This file currently has no license header, and
Christian (Rightly) doesn't want to release a tarball until that's

So, since *I* didn't write it[1] and there's nothing that says who did
(I assume Nat from the #define NATMIN :p ) - what license should it go
under, and what impact does that have on linking it with differently
licensed programs ...?

Thanks in advance.

[1] The parts I did, I've put under the GPL
Lee Willis                                lee leewillis co uk

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