Re: Epiphany support/License issues

On Wed, 2004-01-14 at 14:43, Lee Willis wrote:
> Christian has just confirmed on IRC that he's accepted both the patch to
> epiphany to generate page content, and the patch to epiphany-extensions
> to send the content to dashboard ....
> .. BUT ....
> Part of the extension is currently dashboard-frontend.c (As taken from
> dashboard/frontends/). This file currently has no license header, and
> Christian (Rightly) doesn't want to release a tarball until that's
> resolved.
> So, since *I* didn't write it[1] and there's nothing that says who did
> (I assume Nat from the #define NATMIN :p ) - what license should it go
> under, and what impact does that have on linking it with differently
> licensed programs ...?

I wrote it, and it's under the X11 license.  Meaning, you can do
whatever you want with it.

All of my dashboard code is under the X11 license, and I'd like to
request that all of the core engine code be under the X11 license as


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