Re: Things to think about

On Tue, 2004-01-13 at 05:34, Kevin Godby wrote:

> a.  I think all the results (regardless of which backend they came from)
> should be sorted by relevance and displayed with the highest relevant
> items at the top of the list.  (This means we'd need to disaggregate the
> results -- no longer keeping them grouped back backend.)

I'd agree - however I don't think the relevance would necessarily be the
value that the frontend sent. Dashboard should be able to
ingore/increase/decrease this based on data it finds at the backend.

> b.  I think we need to find a widget that is capable of dynamically
> sorting the results as they are generated by Dashboard.  (I propose that
> we look at various listview widgets over the html widgets.)

Yeah - I don't think HTML will really do the job - even if we move to

> Presently, Dashboard displays the results in the order it receives them
> from the backends.  Subsequently, slower backends will have their
> results displayed further down the list even though their results may be
> more relevant.  The HTML widgets (such as gtkhtml-sharp and Mozilla) do
> not allow dynamic insertions of results.

Also, if we consider that dashboard can amend relevance then it may be
that the relevance value of a resultset from a quick-returning backend
is modified after display time, and would then need re-displaying at its
new position, based on the findings of a slower backend[1]

I think real user feedback, based on real user data will really shape
how we make dashboard work, at both the frontend, and the backend[2]

[1] Yes, the architecture couldn't do this right now, but ...
[2] The more I think about it, the more I think that making backends
stateless won't help us later down the line, when they need to know
about previous results they returned, and results returned by other
backends etc.
Lee Willis <lee leewillis co uk>

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