Re: Things to think about

On Tue, 2004-01-13 at 05:34, Kevin Godby wrote:
Hello, everyone.

Two issues:

a.  I think all the results (regardless of which backend they came from)
should be sorted by relevance and displayed with the highest relevant
items at the top of the list.  (This means we'd need to disaggregate the
results -- no longer keeping them grouped back backend.)
Yep, there definitely needs to be another class somewhere that takes results from multiple BackendResultSets and merges them together, keeping them tracked by relevance.

b.  I think we need to find a widget that is capable of dynamically
sorting the results as they are generated by Dashboard.  (I propose that
we look at various listview widgets over the html widgets.)
Trickier.  I wouldn't make this a GUI thing as we're then putting this functionality into the GUI directly, whereas it seems to me to make more sense to sit in a separate class which the GUI(s) can draw from.  I only have some hazy ideas at present, though, nothing concrete.


Any comments, questions, flames?  :)

I think that now that dashboard has enough front and back ends to be generating lots of output these problems are starting to show up.  I wouldn't expect to see anything done around this in 0.1 but it's definitely going to need to be fixed pretty soon afterward or else users of dashboard will be drowned in irrelevant data.

Jim McDonald - Jim mcdee net

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