Some Dashboard hacking...

Hiya. New to the list, fairly new to Dashboard.

Wanted to integrate the tool with my IRC client, so I did. irssi now has 
a simple frontend - I'm perfectly willing to accept any suggestions as 
to better ways to do things. Specifically, I'm not sure how the 
"relevance" should be used in a case of something like IRC. uses (included 
in the Dashboard CVS branch, in frontends) to send a text block to the 
Dashboard, in the same manner as the "clue" script in frontends.

I also added a patch to textchainer so that any text that starts with 
http:// and contains "rss" acts as an RSS clue:

Pretty simple/not advanced, but it let me recognize RSS files that I was 
linking to a bit better, and since I've got rather limited backend 
support on my system, I figured it would be a nifty thing to test out.

One thing that I'm having a problem with is the fact that I don't use 
Gnome, so the "links" that Dashboard generates won't work. I've added a 
try {} catch{} to catch them and hold them from locking up the Dashboard 
gui, but that's not really the best solution ;) Anyone gotten link 
launching to work in a non-Gnome window manager? (Specifically, I would 
rather use FireFox on my machine than just launching with Gnome.) I'll 
gladly accept any ideas.

This is my first C# project, and my first time working with a project 
like this at all, but it's turning out to be really cool so far. Nice 
work to everyone on the project so far!

Oh, and because I've been trying to show off to some people, some 
gratuitous screenshots:
Gaim + BugZilla
xChat + BugZilla
xChat + RSS
irssi + RSS

Christopher Schmidt
crschmid uiuc edu 

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