Cluetype: nick

Currently, there's a myriad of different clue types for different 
services: AIM, yahoo, etc. However, there's no way to associate 
someone's general nickname with other information.

As an example, I have a friend who I talk to on IRC. She goes by "dana" 
(for example). She has a FOAF file at , and it identifies her as a 
person with foaf:nick of dana - however, this field doesn't match any 
current clue types that we can send to Dashboard.

Same applies to my address book - I have a bunch of people stored who 
don't include information other than nick - but they have, for example, 
a web page and a blog link that I can present about them.

This clue type could be sent from applications like address book 
applications, but it would also be really easy to apply to a case like 
IRC, where email and other IDs don't apply.

So, in spirit of filling this gap, I propose a new clue type: "nick", to 
be used when other more identifying information is not available or may 
be indescriptive.

Thoughts and opinions?

Christopher Schmidt
crschmid uiuc edu

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