Re: New addressbook backend.

On Fri, 2004-02-06 at 02:48, Jim McDonald wrote:

>    I have implemented the fixes that we've been talking about here, so
>    I'll dump them into CVS once 0.1 has been finalised.  In the meantime
>    I'll put together another patch this weekend so that people can see
>    what's going on.

I think I'd like to wait for these changes and some UI dehomogenization
to go in before we do 0.1.  I'm in no rush to do a release, and it's as
important to me that people are able to understand the Dashboard Vision 
from the release as it is to get a release out.  Part of that vision is
the importance of visualization.

So, please feel free to commit.  Once you have this framework in, I'm
happy to plug in the renderer infrastructure myself and reinstate the
custom renderers for the various match types.

That'll also give us time to get the Evolution 2.0 stuff stable enough
that we can depend on it for a release.


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