Re: New addressbook backend.


> When this is working, I'm ready to do a release.  Post 0.1, I want to
> spend some serious time cleaning up the architecture.  Some of the new
> resultset stuff is confusing and makes writing backends harder, and the
> fact that match rendering is now uniform no matter the match type is
> somewhat suboptimal for the user; different types of data shouldn't
> look the same.

In what areas do you think that the resultsets API is confusing?  I'd
hoped that it made backends easier, not harder, to write.
   Also, have you taken a look at the patch I sent to the list a week or
   so ago?  It does a few things that should help the rendering situation,
   as well as bring in match fading so that each new cluepacket does not
   wipe out the results of the last one.  I'm not a display person, so my
   changes have been focused on getting  the backends to send information
   in a standardised and accessible format, and allowing the renderer to
   display the different categories of data in different ways.  The good
   news is that with the changes in place it should be trivial to plug in
   different renderers for different categories of data.
> Nat

Jim McDonald - Jim mcdee net

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