assorted dependcy issues

I think beagle could be very important for the GNOME desktop, and I
would love to be able to demo it to everyone I meet. Many thanks to the
creators of this (and that inotify kernel patch too which is very cool.)
Hopefully Novell is giving you folks time to continue working on this.


beagle is currently incompatible with the following project's CVS HEAD
(or SVN trunk as the case maybe):

gtkmozembed-sharp (AKA gecko-sharp) 

dbus (and dbus-sharp)

I would also like to note that gsf-sharp and gst-sharp build against
gtk-sharp 1.0 while beagle is building against 1.9(2.0) so people need
to have both versions of gtk-sharp installed in order to try out some of
the most interesting features.

An old gecko-sharp 0.6 tarball IS available from

This older tarball enables Beagle (the Best client actually) to build.

However while beagled seems to work as expected, best seems to be unable
to communicate with it over the dbus.

Here's beagled starting up (running dbus CVS HEAD as of 12/26). Looking

INFO: Starting Beagle Daemon (version 0.0.4)
DEBUG: Command Line: /usr/lib/beagle/BeagleDaemon.exe --fg --debug --
DEBUG: Initializing D-BUS
DEBUG: Acquiring com.novell.Beagle D-BUS service
DEBUG: Initializing RemoteControl
DEBUG: D-BUS registered obj=Beagle.Daemon.RemoteControlImpl
path=/com/novell/Beagle/RemoteControl owner=(none)
DEBUG: D-BUS registered obj=Beagle.Daemon.FactoryImpl
path=/com/novell/Beagle/Factory owner=(none)
DEBUG: Starting QueryDriver
INFO: Loaded 11 records
from /home/scott/.beagle/FileSystemIndex/FileAttributesStore.db in
DEBUG: Found 11 types in BeagleDaemonLib, Version=,
INFO: Scanning /home/scott
INFO: Scanning IM Logs

Here's the message in the best window after entering a search for

The query for geneticmail failed with error:

System.ArgumentException: There is no valid constructor for
'DBus.DBusType.Int32' from type 'Beagle.QueryDomain' in <0x00149>
DBus.Arguments:GetDBusTypeConstructor (System.Type,System.Type) in
<0x00130> DBus.ProxyBuilder:EmitIn
(System.Reflection.Emit.ILGenerator,System.Type,int,System.Reflection.FieldInfo) in <0x0052d> DBus.ProxyBuilder:BuildMethod (System.Reflection.MethodInfo,DBus.InterfaceProxy,System.Reflection.Emit.TypeBuilder&,System.Reflection.FieldInfo,System.Reflection.FieldInfo) in <0x0030a> DBus.ProxyBuilder:GetProxy () in <0x0003a> DBus.Service:GetObject (System.Type,string) in <0x00038> Beagle.Factory:NewQuery () in <0x00050> Best.BestWindow:Search (string) in <0x0004e> Best.BestWindow:DoSearch (object,System.EventArgs)

The Int32 behavior in DBus was changed on a few weeks ago. Using dbus
from before that date, I don't get the above error, but I get the error
reported by Scott Ferguson (are you the Scott Ferguson of Caucho and
Resin?) to this list a few days ago:

I'd love to be able to help out in making Beagle something easy for
people to try out. I think we could really move the GNOME desktop into
people's consciousness with this. If I ever get beagle working properly,
I'll be sure to update the beagle wiki!


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