Re: Browser access to remote beagled's

Vijay KN said:

> Alternatively, a better solution could be to add a http server
> interface, along with the soap interface, to beagled:
> i. The http server interface can allow browser access and render output
> in HTML (including URL rewrites for links). The default page will be a
> form similar to what best does on startup. So, accessing a remote
> beagled (you have access to), will just need pointing your browser to
> the http interface url for the remote beagled.


> comments ?

Accessing a daemon via an HTTP interface can work very well -  this is
what Google Desktop does.  I have done something similar previously in
closed-source-land for daemon status monitoring.

One issue is whether you want to spawn for multiple connections a la
general http servers.  This introduces data locking requirements, but if
beagled is a per user (rather than 1 per computer) service, then there
should be only a 1:n (for small n) connections between servers and
clients, meaning that you needn't go to that sort of complexity.

I'd say that'd be cool thing to do :)

michael at msdavies dot net      Linux.Conf.Au 2005  Apr 18-23, 2005  Australia's National Linux Conference

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