Browser access to remote beagled's


I was thinking on how a Firefox browser-based access to Beagled can be

One possibility is to have a proxy a la 
pointed by Daniele. It could be a client-side proxy that uses dbus for
browser access to the local beagled and uses SOAP access for remote

Alternatively, a better solution could be to add a http server
interface, along with the soap interface, to beagled:

i. The http server interface can allow browser access and render output
in HTML (including URL rewrites for links). The default page will be a
form similar to what best does on startup. So, accessing a remote
beagled (you have access to), will just need pointing your browser to
the http interface url for the remote beagled. 

ii. The soap server interface will allow devices and intelligent
applications to query one or more beagled's via soap and
aggregate/process results. 

Users can selectively enable either or both of these network
interfaces. A common 'access control configuration' can selectively
enable/restrict remote accesses to beagled via http and/or soap

comments ?


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