Re: Beagle's Purpose

This is really a GUI/framework issue. I agree with Srikant that the GUI (Best) maybe shouldn't display hits for common stuff (Lanchers, Documentation, Headerfiles or whatever). The only words in italic on the project webpage are still only "..personal information space.."

But... Beagle as a framework should still support stuff like DocBook, Monodoc and shared common files. The idea (IMO) is that if you wanna search the Monodoc sources, you'll do it from the Monodoc GUI, which in hand (should) use Beagle integration to search its own data. Likewise with stuff like DocBook, Launchers etc. Best is just -one- gui, we should start using Beagle as a framework all over the desktop.

So Joe, a DocBook backend is a great idea i think. As far as common indexes such as this goes, the idea as I understood it, was a Beagle daemon on the DBus systembus, running as nobody. Seems ok to me.


Srikant Jakilinki wrote:

I do not know where I read it but I think Apple is also going in for such "help me" functionality with its Spotlight engine. I think it was Steve Jobs who mentioned this during some Expo when he was showing Tiger-OS. Or it could be some Stuff-I've-Seen prototypes I saw. They were using it to find programs and help and tutorials...

Whatever it is, I wondered at that time why would anyone want to use Spotlight/SIS for anything else than find information that "we" as users create. The other help files is the responsibility of the OS and hardware vendor and there are UI issues here as well

Anycase, if we ever want to use Beagle for "extra" things, it could be done and should be easy as well technically and aesthetically. We are all used to see "sponsored results" at the top or the side of search results pages. Beagle could follow the same layout of putting help/utilities at the side or at the top. But its main job should be to index "my" information as a priority. That is what I think...

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Joe Gasiorek wrote:

So I was tossing around this idea last night of a Beagle functionality
but I'm not sure if it is what we are aiming for.  I was looking into
having Beagle index installed Help files (DocBook XML format).  I
think this touches on a bigger Beagle to find my files or
just in general, help me.

For example, if I ask beagle how to "Play DVD" or "Burn CD" it could
bring up a launcher to the app to perform the task and a link to the
help file on how to do it.  But if the point in using Beagle is just
to find your files, these results could just get in the way, and would
take time away from indexing more important data like mail.

Anyways, I was just curious on peoples thoughts on the matter.

-- Joe Gasiorek
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