Beagle's Purpose

So I was tossing around this idea last night of a Beagle functionality
but I'm not sure if it is what we are aiming for.  I was looking into
having Beagle index installed Help files (DocBook XML format).  I
think this touches on a bigger Beagle to find my files or
just in general, help me.

For example, if I ask beagle how to "Play DVD" or "Burn CD" it could
bring up a launcher to the app to perform the task and a link to the
help file on how to do it.  But if the point in using Beagle is just
to find your files, these results could just get in the way, and would
take time away from indexing more important data like mail.

Anyways, I was just curious on peoples thoughts on the matter.

-- Joe Gasiorek

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