Another build problem

Hi everybody,

I too am having some problems building the newest cvs version of beagle.
While the file "Beagle.dll" is referenced by the compiler
(-r:../BeagleClient/Beagle.dll), I get the following errors:

** (/usr/share/dotnet/bin/mcs/mcs.exe:7669): WARNING **: Could not find
assembly dbus-sharp, references from
     Major/Minor: 0,21
     Build:       0,0
     Token:       9eef2692033670f5

error CS0006: Cannot find assembly `../BeagleClient/Beagle.dll'

In fact, I get the former error twice. Now I assume that the first error
occurs because the compiler does not reference
/opt/local/lib/mono/dbus-sharp.dll, but why it is unable to find
Beagle.dll eludes me. Can someone tell me how i might be able fix these


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