Re: QueryContext 'id' in CluePackets?

On Mon, Jul 28, 2003 at 01:54:14PM -0400, Alex Graveley wrote:
> > But this is a different issue (sending clues of a certain type only,
> > as opposed to minimising the repeated sending of the same clues).
> Not really.  If the cpm knows what a backend is interested in, it won't
> resend the cluepacket unless something of interest has changed, which

Perhaps I'm not understanding something, or we're talking at cross
purposes; the issue I was thinking of was related to how many times
a backend receives the same clue (whether accompanied by others in 
a single cluepacket or not) - esp. in the case of a simple ('stupid') 
backend. I'm not sure how you determine whether "something of interest
has changed" in this context.

> Does jabber have the same concept and usage pattern as dashboard with
> regard to injecting new information to annotate/specialize the source

What I was referring to was the common model of having a relatively 
simpler data feeder and consumers that took all data packets and rejected
immediately those that it didn't want (at the time) to handle.


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