Re: QueryContext 'id' in CluePackets?

On Mon, Jul 28, 2003 at 01:28:35PM -0400, Alex Graveley wrote:
> I am thinking a better approach would be to have backends specify the
> cluetypes they know how to handle at initialize time.  Then at
> processing time, the cpm can pass only cluepackets containing something
> a backend is "interested" in.  

Thanks for your thoughts, first of all.

But this is a different issue (sending clues of a certain type only,
as opposed to minimising the repeated sending of the same clues).

Regarding the point that you raise, I personally I don't see what's wrong
with the current model of having the backends passing (return null) on
clue types they don't want to handle. This is the same model that is used
in building Jabber components for example, and the approach works well


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