Re: consistency in clue types


On Sun, 2003-07-20 at 18:45, Nat Friedman wrote:
> On Sun, 2003-07-20 at 18:37, Nat Friedman wrote:
> > The issue that you've zeroed in on is that we're conflating the content
> > type and the content description in the cluetype.  
> While adding htmlblock to cluetypes.txt I noticed we have word_at_point
> and sentence_at_point cluetypes, for the Gtk typing/selection frontend.
> This again makes me think of the conflation issue, and of the
> possibility of having a ContentType attribute and a separate ContentName
> or ContentDescription attribute.
> So for example:
> 	<Clue ContentType="text/plain" ContentName="sentence_at_point">
> and:
> 	<Clue ContentType="text/html" ContentName="email">
> Thoughts?

I don't understand what you mean by this example.  How would having a
contenttype help with these?


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