Re: More rhythmbox updates & Amazon Search functions

On Mon, 2003-12-29 at 15:38, Ryan P Skadberg wrote:
> Lee -
> Getting this when I try to compile with the patch:

Sorry dude, the patch I put up was erm, wrong, and outdated. I've just
uploaded a new patch which should:

a) Compile
b) Work in more cases

Big thanks to Jim for testing and feeding back!

There's still one issue with albums which contain >1 track with the same
track number. I can fix that it the next few days, but it should work
with sane collections for now.

For now it defaults to the HMV backend since I'm not sure on the
position with Amazon developer tags. If you want to try the Amazon one
you just need an Amazon dev tag (Set to "INSERT DEV TAG HERE" in the
patch file), and to swap over the function called by

Lee Willis <lee leewillis co uk>

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