Re: More rhythmbox updates & Amazon Search functions

Lee -

Getting this when I try to compile with the patch:

mcs -g -target:library -r:glib-sharp.dll -r:gdk-sharp.dll
-r:gtkhtml-sharp -r:gtk-sharp.dll -r:gnome-sharp.dll -r:System.Web
-r:../util/drive/drive.dll -r:../util/rdf/rdf.dll
-r:../engine/dashboard.exe -out:backend-rhythmboxlibrary.dll
./backend-rhythmboxlibrary.cs -r:AmazonSearchService.dll
./backend-rhythmboxlibrary.cs(19) error CS0138: The using keyword only
lets you specify a namespace, `Gtk.IconSet' is a class not a namespace.
Compilation failed: 1 error(s), 0 warnings

Any ideas?


On Fri, 2003-12-26 at 15:32, Lee Willis wrote:
> I've updated the rhythmbox backend to use Amazon's web services instead
> of parsing HTML from The code is a lot simpler, and the
> system should be more stable in the long term since we're using a
> published API.
> The revised patch is at
> As part of this there is an AmazonSearchService.cs file which can be
> used for other searches, by other backends if needs be, so it's quite
> useful. My only reservation is that I'm not sure whether a developer
> token can be used in a published system, or whether it needs to be
> registered as "multi-user"?  [For now I've left mine out, you'll need a
> valid one to test this out - however I've left the code in so
> you can easily toggle between the two]1
> Lee 
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